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Webinar: Forecasting With Predictive Analytics and Data Science

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1. Data: 2015-09-21 18:14:59

Temat: Webinar: Forecasting With Predictive Analytics and Data Science
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Webinar: Forecasting With Predictive Analytics and Data Science

*Alternative link:

September 22, 10AM - 11AM PDT
* If the time is inconvenient, please register and we will send you a recording.

Abstract: Forecasting with predictive analytics offers the opportunity to leverage
the huge amounts of data, now readily available, that exhibit the following
ˇ Data that changes over time, as well as static data
ˇ Perhaps hundreds, thousands of independent variables
ˇ Data reflective of today's ever-changing economic environment

With data mining and machine learning methods, your data can easily and quickly be
converted into knowledge to yield more accurate and more actionable models. We will
demonstrate these techniques on a data set from a Brazilian grocery store chain.
Information including date, store, promotions, climate, and unit price will be used
to predict the total sales of oranges for the company. The model will help you
identify what affects sales, decide on best prices and promos, and most importantly,
forecast sales in the future.

Additionally, we will go beyond the retail industry and touch on:

Case Studies:
*Forecasting Alaska's Ecosystem in the 22nd Century
*Atmospheric Pollution Forecasting
*Forecasting Recessions with MARS

Although we show 4 examples, the approach is widely applicable and you will be able
to follow the same steps on your own datasets. Examples of datasets that would
benefit include:
ˇ Business: Marketing forecasts, targeted sales forecasts, fraud detection
ˇ Drug Discovery: forecasting the onset of disease, forecasting healthcare outcomes
ˇ Insurance: forecasting response to a premium change, forecasting costs at the onset
of a claim
ˇ Environmental: decision making for environmental management, population dynamics,
habitat suitability, forecast weather conditions throughout
the world
ˇ Epidemiology: risk analysis, population dynamics

This webinar will be a step-by-step presentation that you can repeat on your own!
Included with Registration:
ˇ Webinar recording
ˇ 30 day software evaluation
ˇ Dataset used in presentation
ˇ Step-by-step instruction for you to try at home

Who should attend:
ˇ Attend if you want to implement data science techniques even without a data
science, statistical or programming background.
ˇ Attend if you want to understand why data science techniques are so important for

*Alternative link:

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